Types of foundation brushes and beauty blenders


In this first episode of the Brush-ology series, we focus on face brushes. Foundation application options are endless from flat, vibrating brushes to silicone pads, it can become pretty confusing. But before you chuck the lot out of the window in frustration, just appreciate that you are different, your face is unique and it will benefit from you taking a few minutes to understand what your needs are.

foudnation brushesAsset 78.png

Choosing the right foundation applicator is highly dependant on the type of foundation you use. Powder and pressed foundations would require a different tool compared to liquids.

FLAT TOP - My personal fav! The dense, tightly packed bristles are best with liquids and creams. Use with pressing motions for high coverage.

STIPPLING - The dual fibre brush allows for sheer, airbrushed coverage and should be applied in a stippling motion for the perfect ‘no makeup’ makeup look..

POWDER - Best with pressed powder foundations, the powder brush grips the product preventing wastage.

KABUKI - Best with loose mineral powders. The wide fluffy brush buffs product well into the skin for a longer lasting effect.

BLENDING SPONGE - Another favorite. Although makeup sponges drink up a lot of product, nothing compares to the cinematic airbrush finish.

ROUND TAPPERED - Gives a flawless effect but after a fair amount of buffing effort. All the work is worth it though.

FLAT - The traditional flat foundation brush while popular for liquids, it gets you the full cover but can create streaks.