How to use eyeshadow brushes


In this second episode of the Brush-ology series, we take a look at the basic and most necessary eye makeup applicators. Speaking from experience, finding the right eye makeup brushes for you will have to come by trial and error. It all depends on what feels and works right for you and your eyes. One important thing to consider is the shape of your eye; a small almond shaped eye would benefit from smaller more detailed brushes as compared to their larger lid surfaced counterparts. Eye shadow brushes are not limieted to these few and come in so many styles it’s impossible to list here!

eyeshadow brushesAsset 73.png

The bigger the blending brushes are the bigger area of the eyelid it shades and so should be used in that descending order. Start with applying more neutral colors on the base of the eye with the biggest brush. Then apply darker shades in smaller areas with smaller brushes.

BLENDING BRUSH - By far the most popular and most necessary of the lot! Blending brushes are fluffy, soft and either fan out or taper in order to blend product well onto the eye. Getting them in different sizes will allow you a seemless transition from one shadow to the next. Use a bigger brush to apply shadow on the full lid up to wear your brow bone starts. Use a smaller blending brush to apply shadow to the crease area and an even smaller one to apply the darkest shadow to the outer corner of the eye.

FLAT SHADERS - the flat, stiff brush allows you to ‘pack’ shadows without the blending. So you would use these to apply your statement shades (like shimmers, glitters) to the most prominent part of the eyelid. Tip: spray your brush with water or setting spray to get the most shimmer shadow pigment payoff.

PENCIL - the soft, short, tapered pencil brush is used to apply highlighting shades to the inner corners of the eyes to make them apear wider as well as to hightlight the brow-bone for those glamouorous looks.

WATER LINE - this brush is used to apply shadows to your lower lash line AKA waterline and does well to achieve a balanced or smokey eye look. Can double as a gel liner applicator.