Someone told me "My goals are stupid..."

and that they didn't have good enough goals for the life.

My response was: "Woah! The point is to start small."

If you noticed any particular message in the 2020 Goal Setting Workshop, it would be that you are important enough to matter. Not just you as a person, but you as in your thoughts, your ideas, your understandings, your desires. So in no way is having a goal, however small or insignificant, STUPID.

The methodology behind the workshop is to execute, so it makes sense to start with goals that are deliver quick results like starting a healthy lifestyle.

If you find yourself stuck on not being able to articulate your goals, then do this simple exercise called a 'Brain Dump'.

A Brain Dump is just that! a process of writing down everything in your brain. Think about your ideal situation, the things that light you up, the activities that make you forget time and space and you just come alive.

These are the feelings we want to harness in our goal setting journey and if you cannot think of any (these people exist too) then it's time to start living for you because odds are you're so busy seeing to everyone else that you don't even know what YOU like.

So yes, let's start working.

Please feel free to reach out if you're stuck.... I would be happy to guide you through the process.