How to start Setting Goals!

Goal Setting

Goal setting pain point

The pain point with goal setting is where to START because often you feel like ‘where do I even start?’  Do you know what your goals are, wait! do you have any goals apart from surviving one day to the next? 

I felt lost trying to start this exercise but with the help of so many free and purposeful resources and divine intervention, I managed to get going.

I have listed these resources at the end of this blog post.

My aim with this series is to create awareness and mindfulness in my community about having a plan for your life. 

Without getting too much into it, our upbringing was nowhere near as informed as to the youth of today and in a lot of instances is still so lacking.  I look to my peers in my hometown and try to coach them on how to cultivate and make a living off their talents instead of just finishing school and trying to find a ‘job’.  We never spoke about planning, saving, thinking ahead or looking within yourself for answers, growing up.  We lived lives of instant gratification and consumption, from hand-to-mouth.

How to approach goal setting

The first point of disconnect came about when I had to evaluate what my goals are.  I had to dig deep for this one and to help me, I used the Four Priority Life Areas approach.  Here, you choose the 4 most key areas in your life and list them in order of priority.  Then work on what you want for each area.

How to set SMART goals

As I wrote out the goals, I referred to the SMART goal setting technique to make sure that my goals are:

1.   Specific – what do I want, why do I want it, how will I get it?

2.   Measurable – how much do I want? Can I affix a value to this goal, number of things or times, a monetary value I'd like to reach in order to measure that my goal has been achieved?

3.   Actionable – how will I get it? Including the steps I'll take to bring me closer to my goal.

4.   Relevant – does this goal take me in the right direction of my bigger vision.  Is it aligned with the life that I want for myself?

5.   Time-bound – set a deadline so that I am accountable for this goal.

Some good looking resources to help you feel energized about your journey.

Some good looking resources to help you feel energized about your journey.

In some areas, it may be difficult to apply one or some of these points.  For example, my top Priority Life Area is Faith and I cannot put a deadline on my goal here.   This is a goal that will stand forever and it may increase in depth and magnitude over time, but there will be no end or elimination.

I’ve set one goal for each Priority Life Area (Faith, Family, Self, Career) and I found that these goals feed into one another, which leads me to believe that I am on the right path.  My second Life Priority Area is Family – and the goal here is linked to Life Priority one which was Faith as I want my family with me on my Faith goal.

Make your goals attainable

In some instances, I had to work backward.  Many of us have big dreams and goals but it takes smaller dreams and goals to reach them.  For example, my fourth Life Priority Area is Career.  My bigger vision here is to *reduce my time in corporate and to sustain myself solely from my business.  So I have to work backward from here and list out the smaller goals that will help me attain my bigger vision.  Namely, I will have to get enough clients to meet my financial obligations and to get the clients, I will have to work on my exposure and marketing strategy.  And to make sure I am exposing myself to the right clients, I do a market analysis and get to know who my clients are and that process starts with me figuring out who the clients are that I am trying to reach.

*Notice, I did not say that I would like to leave corporate.  The reason is that I have always enjoyed the structure that comes with office-bound/corporate work and most millionaires have at least 7 income streams.  Therefore, I will not dismiss corporate altogether.  I also feel that I can connect with a lot of my ideal clients in a corporate setting as my work lends itself to all industries and could probably gain the most traction in corporate.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and that you are able to apply some of these techniques.  I am not the author of these methods but I have tried and found them to be effective.

Please be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s post in my Vision Mission series, where I will talk about creating my Vision Mission Board.

If you have any goal setting tips to share or questions, please leave a comment below.

Thank you for your time, have a blessed day!

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