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What does it mean to have an energetically aligned brand?
It means that when I create your brand it speaks to you, your tribe and your business. It is energetically aligned to its purpose and essentially birthed to perform a very specific function.
Like a recipe, the end result is a culmination of chemical reactions as they’re exposed to elements, temperatures and styles.


I am in the business of creating brands that serve their purpose.  Brands that operate with integrity.


Brand Concept

Step one in the start-up business process is to conceptualise the brand, based on forward-looking strategy.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is developed based on the image, voice and messaging the businesses wish to portray in the market.

Brand Design

Finally, the magic happens with creative directive and design.  Here we build the prototype of what the brand could look like, graphically.  We also flesh out the brand messaging.

Product Design

Product based businesses have a lot more pressure placed on them to stand apart in their industry. Product brand design is linked to audience targeting.

Collateral Items

As a value add, more and more companies require additional brand material that is consistent with their messaging and recognisable in the vast market.

Elite Events

One of our most exclusive services is upmarket event management.  With customised bespoke concepts and themes, we’re sure to wow any guest.

my Skills

After 12 years in corporate with a background in organising and planning coupled with a natural flair for creativity, I’ve been blessed with skills from both ends of the spectrum.  This give me a unique advantage in my industry as I am able to think outside of the box while carrying the box with me as a resource.  As an empath and 100% 9 on the Enneagram, I am able to attentively tune into my clients thoughts and desires while maintaining a helicopter perspective on the path forward.  

I’ve recently uncovered an affinity towards energetics and alignment and how they relate to identities.  I believe that identities (brands) that operate with integrity; meaning that they’re energetically aligned; are birthed to naturally attract what they need to thrive.

In a world where every brand is working very hard to ‘stand out’, I believe that a brand created in energetic alignment will be seen by its ideal audience, naturally.

Generating New Ideas. 


Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why i’m different

I believe in paying close attention to my clients.  This is why I am dedicated to having no more than 3 clients at a time.  Quality over Quantity.  I value each of the brands I nurture and that means absolute and dedicated focus to the client at all times.

What is a brand?

“A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company.  It’s a GUT FEELING because we’re all emotional, intuitive  beings, despite our best efforts to be rational.” – Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap

my Latest Work

From Corporate Brand Identity to Lifestyle Brand Development, I have an eye for professionalism across the board.

From my Clients

You don’t have to take my word for it!

Instead, just read what my clients have to say.

“A big thank you and appreciation to Theme Piece for once again making my event an amazing success. Your hard work and talent are truly noticeable. Looking forward to business endeavours.” 

Jolene Arries

Head Chef and Founder, Just Jo's

“My experience with Theme Piece has been exceptional. My briefs were handled timeously and the designer really took the time to understand my vision which translated into my logos and corporate identity being exactly what I imagined in my head.  Often as a non-technical person, it is very difficult to explain what you want graphically, but my briefs were handled promptly and professionally and I was happy with the end result.” 

Veronique Kapitans

Managing Director, The Dragonfly Cartel

“Love the work you do.  You’re amazing.  I’ve increased my client base with you awesome and clever wording for my promotions” 

Lynette Joshua

Owner and Head Stylist, The Beauty Shack

We had the privilege of working with Lynn from Themepiece when we received our insurance licence and needed a letterhead, business cards and a logo that stands out to use as our identity that sets us apart from other
insurance companies. She was amazing, very patient and readily available. She made us feel like her service to us was personalised as she guided us throughout the process of what worked and what would not work. Her service
delivery is impeccable and her work shows exceptional creativity. We have used Theme Piece services twice already and we couldn’t be happier!’


Chief Risk Officer, YARD Insurance (Pty) Limited

Others include: Red Brick Consulting (Pty) Limited, John Deere / Tata International, Digital Engage (Pty) Limited, Private Practice Growth Academy. 

Don’t know how I could have done it without Theme Piece! Being a first time business owner I knew nothing about imaging and logo’s and the rest of the fancy jargon that makes your brand look like what you want it to. It took a 30min meeting and just an idea for my colours for Lynn to put together my entire branding, look and feel, it was like she was in my mind! 

I am also so grateful that she went over and above in terms of introducing me to her network to create and arrange other areas of my business. There were moments where I was overwhelmed and her knowledge and understanding of the different areas of Business definitely put me at ease. she understood what needed to go into the different areas from my side and had guided me through the process.
It was not a “here’s your images service’ but she got involved, she got into me and she made this ours, definitely a personalised service I value and have built my loyalty into!
Thank you Themepiece for being a part of building my business and my brand!
Owner, Divinity Beauty Bar 

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